Liquid Deicing for Your Business

Voigt Smith Innovation Liquid Deicing Partnership

We are pleased to have a partnership agreement between Voigt Smith Innovation (VSI) and our sister company, S & S Pools & Spas Inc., where we can sell liquid de-icing equipment to customers who want to be differentiated from their competitors and be leaders in the ice melt market.

Liquid de-icing items we sell include:

  • Legacy Series Sprayers
  • Stainless Steel Brine Maker
  • Sidewalk Slayer

Click the link to see pictures and more details:

Benefits to Liquid vs. Rock Salt

Works faster- get the lot down to bare pavement much more quickly. For some customers—especially ones who have had a major slip and fall claim from an employee or patron—this is worth a lot of money. In most cases, we can get parking lots down to bare pavement 3-4 times faster than rock salt can, reducing the chance of injury due to icy walkways.

Better for the environment-  Studies show there are fewer chlorides put down with liquid brine which means less of those chlorides are getting into the stormwater.

Adaptability- you can work to lower temperatures by spiking your brine with calcium chloride. Melt off parking lots in temperatures that rock salt doesn't work at all.

Better for concrete and asphalt-  VSI is working with 3rd parties who have experience with testing concrete and asphalt for structural integrity and wear levels. It may take a few years but we will have studies out on this as well. We experience almost no freeze thaw cycles when we use liquid with calcium chloride mixed in. That along with the corrosion inhibitors are better for your customers' asphalt and concrete.

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