Commercial Snow Services in Luzerne County

Plowing Services For Distribution Centers in Luzerne County

Running a distribution center comes with a unique set of challenges. Consumers rely on your services every day, meaning that even a short delay in your workflow can lead to significant consequences for your business.

When winter arrives and holiday sales begin to ramp up, it's important for your business to function at peak productivity. However, winter storms can prevent you from delivering your merchandise in a timely and prompt manner.

S&S Plowing is a fully insured, veteran-owned commercial snow plowing business serving Duryea in Luzerne County and much of Northeast Pennsylvania. We're here to keep your business moving even when the snow forces others to stop.

Commercial Snow and Ice Services

S&S Plowing can help you with all of your distribution center's winter weather needs. When we start working with you, we will develop a customized plowing plan that fits what your company is looking for. Our services cover everything you'll need to keep your business running through even the worst storms.

Efficient Snow Plowing in Luzerne County

S&S Plowing works with WeatherWorks Certified Snowfall Totals, an accurate weather tracking service that provides us with information about upcoming weather systems. In the winter, we monitor the weather 24/7 so that we're always prepared. When we see a storm coming, we get right to work! Before a single snowflake touches the ground, our plowing team will come to you.

As the snow starts to accumulate, we continuously plow your roads and sidewalks to keep the weather from stopping your business. Our Metal Pless snowplows have carbide-edge blades that won't damage your property. With S&S Plowing services, you will protect your pavement and your people.

Snow and Ice Removal for Duryea

To keep work moving at your Luzerne County distribution center, try our commercial snow and ice removal services. If you're a small distribution company, having large piles of snow on your property is an eyesore, and it can be dangerous if it turns to ice. Also, piles allow snow to compact, which makes it harder to move. The trick is to remove the snow right away, but this is easier said than done. Even larger facilities may struggle to find places to put their snow.

S&S Plowing's professional services will make this concern a nonissue. We'll get the snow out of your way so you can jump right back into work.

Salting Services

Safety is the top concern for S&S Plowing. That's why we also include salting in our services. We are proactive and salt driving areas, parking lots, sidewalks and loading docks before inclement weather arrives. We don't stop there, either. While our workers plow, they will continue to spread salt to prevent ice from forming. Even our snowplows are specially designed to thoroughly cover the most surface area with the littlest salt, saving you money.

When you choose S&S Plowing, you will experience efficient and effective service. As part of our goal to achieve customer satisfaction, we provide a variety of salts for you to choose from so you can decide what's best for your distribution center. Our most popular road salts are:

  • Halite Rock
  • Calcium Flake
  • Calcium Pellet
  • Snow Glow

S&S Plowing wants to provide efficient snow plowing, snow removal and salting services for facilities in Duryea and throughout Luzerne County. We understand that it's important for distribution centers to get their vehicles on the road, and we want to help you during the winter. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer your company.

S&S Plowing Benefits

At S&S Plowing, we are dedicated to providing safe and effective snow plowing and removal for fair and reliable prices. For distribution centers and other large corporate facilities in Luzerne County, having plowing services is necessary for both safety and keeping your trucks moving. Some of the advantages included with our services are:

  • Saving time and labor: Instead of sending out your employees to clear the snow and ice, hire S&S Plowing. This will help you save time and labor costs while keeping your employees focused on work.
  • Improving safety: Keep your property as safe as possible by providing your personnel and visitors with plowed and salted roads and sidewalks. Using our services will also help keep you from being held liable for injuries from slipping while on your property.
  • Preventing damage: Our expert technicians use the best equipment to ensure we move only the snow. Our snowplows' carbide-edge blades allow for more efficient work without damaging the asphalt or any curbs and fixtures.

Contact S&S Today for Plowing Services

For efficient snow and ice removal in Duryea and the rest of Luzerne County, call the experts at S&S Plowing. You can reach us at 570-451-4616 or contact us online to book our services today or learn more about what we offer.