Commercial Snow Services in Lackawanna County

Plowing Services for Lackawanna County Distribution Centers

If you run a large distribution center, it's likely that thousands of people rely on your services every day. There are customers watching their mailboxes for your products and employees that need a full day's work.

If this is your situation, the winter months can come with some of the worst logistical challenges due to snow and ice. Winter weather can bring your business to a screeching halt during the holidays, which is when your company's distribution is likely at its peak. Even a few late deliveries can make a significant difference in your bottom line during this season.

S&S Plowing provides efficient snow plowing and ice removal in Covington Township and other areas in Lackawanna County. Our commercial snow plowing services will keep things moving at your Northeastern Pennsylvania distribution center or other large corporate facilities.

We Handle Commercial Snow Removal in Lackawanna County

S&S Plowing services cover everything your Lackawanna County distribution center needs during inclement weather. When we work with your facility, we will design a personalized service plan to keep your business running even when there's abundant snow and ice.

Cities Include:

  • Scranton
  • Carbondale
  • Taylor

Commercial Snow Plowing

Even before the storm hits, we'll be at your facility and prepared to clear the snow. S&S Plowing is proud to partner with WeatherWorks Certified Snowfall Totals, a weather tracking service that keeps us updated on storms in the area. This information helps us to arrive at your distribution center before the snow starts falling. We will constantly clear snow throughout the storm to prevent buildup and keep your vehicles on the road.

We choose our plows with you in mind. Our vehicles are outfitted with the best Metal Pless snowplows, which offer innovative carbide-edge blades. This design protects the ground below the snow and ice, meaning you will never have to worry about our equipment damaging your property.

Industrial Snow Removal

To maintain the best functionality at your Lackawanna County distribution center, you will need the snow completely removed from your property. Leaving piles of snow in your vicinity can be just as hazardous as not plowing at all. Snow piles can prevent access to certain areas of your facility, causing downtime even after the winter weather passes.

It's especially important for smaller venues to work with a plowing service that will remove accumulated snow. These facilities have less space to work with, so it's vital to maximize every square inch. Also, the longer snow stays in one place, the more it will compact. Compacted snow makes your facility more dangerous, and it's harder to remove because it becomes icy or slushy over time. When you're working with S&S Plowing, we will ensure that your distribution center stays clear of snow.

Salting Services for Lackawanna County

At S&S Plowing, your safety is our top concern. That's why we also provide salting services for your commercial property. We put salt down before the storm arrives to keep your venue as safe as possible, as we continue to provide treatment until it's passed. Our various salt materials melt snow on contact and keep ice from developing. Our salt options include:

  • Halite Rock
  • Calcium Pellet
  • Calcium Flake
  • Snow Glow

Whichever you choose, walkers and drivers alike will appreciate your dedication to their safety. If visitors see the salt, they will feel more comfortable walking around your facility. Salting services will also protect you from being held liable for slippery conditions if an injury occurs. For enhanced protection and peace of mind, hire S&S Plowing today to treat your driving areas, parking lots, sidewalks and loading docks during the winter months.

How S&S Plowing Can Help You

Snow and ice removal services are essential for commercial businesses in Lackawanna County. Some of the advantages include:

  • Improving safety: By clearing snow and ice from high-traffic areas, you can help protect everyone on the property from slipping or falling. This can prevent injuries in both employees and customers that may lead to lawsuits later on.
  • Preventing damage: Our professionals know how to plow. With over 25 years of experience serving the community during winter weather, we are skilled at avoiding curbs and fixtures to keep your asphalt from being damaged.
  • Saving time and labor: By hiring S&S Plowing, you can keep your employees' focus where it needs to be — on your business.

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When you work with S&S Plowing, you'll receive dependable service from one of the most experienced snow plowing businesses in Covington Township and other Lackawanna County areas. Our business is veteran-owned, and we have a reputation for working with integrity. Our goal is to always offer reliable services at honest prices.

This winter, keep your business moving even in the worst of weather. Call 570-451-4616 or contact us online today to learn more about our services or book us for the season!