Commercial Snow Services in Carbon County

Distribution Center Plowing Services in Carbon County

If you manage a distribution center in Carbon County, you might be dreading the upcoming winter months. Even though the holidays may bring in your best business of the year, inclement weather is all too common and can cause delays in your workflow.

S&S Plowing can help you keep your facility shipments on track during severe winter weather events. We are the best commercial snow plowing service in Carbon County and other regions in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Services We Provide

S&S Plowing is the expert in all things concerning snow removal. We provide the services you'll need for every winter, which makes us one of the most efficient snow plowing services you can hire in Carbon County. When we work with you, we'll create a custom plan to ensure we're providing the services you need.

Cities Include:

  • Lake Harmony
  • Parryville
  • Jim Thorpe

Commercial Snow Plowing for Carbon County

We have a partnership with WeatherWorks Certified Snowfall Totals, a weather tracking tool that keeps us informed about winter weather advisories. As soon as we know a storm is coming, we'll go to your location. From the first snowflake to the end of the storm, we'll be working on your property to provide street, sidewalk and loading dock plowing. With our service, you can keep moving forward with business.

Snow and Ice Removal

After we've plowed your facility, we can take the snow with us. Our snow removal services help prevent snow from compacting on your lot. Compacting snow is much more challenging to move because it often turns into ice or slush. Let us take your snow right away to prevent future delays and obstructions.

Salting Services Near You

At S&S Plowing, safety is at the center of what we do. Because of that, we'll also provide road salting services to prevent ice from forming on your grounds before, during and after inclement winter weather. There are a few options of road salt to choose from:

  • Calcium Pellet
  • Snow Glow
  • Calcium Flake
  • Halite Rock

If you are interested in learning more about which salt will be best for your facility, feel free to contact us.

Why Choose S&S Plowing?

Any distribution center or other large corporate facility in Carbon County should have snow and ice removal services on retainer. There are many benefits, including:

  • Preventing damage: With the help of specialized plows, our experienced drivers can avoid damaging asphalt and other fixtures on your grounds and focus exclusively on removing snow and ice.
  • Improving safety: When you provide plowed, well-salted roads and sidewalks, there will be less chance of injury for anyone present on your grounds.
  • Saving time and labor: When we take care of your snow and ice removal services in Carbon County, your employees won't have to. This will help them stay on task and save the money you would spend for their extra time and labor.

Contact Us for Distribution Center Plowing Services in Carbon County

When you hire S&S Plowing, you can rest assured that your business will remain functional even when winter weather hits. We are a professional snow plowing business that can help companies in Carbon County and other Northeastern PA areas. Contact us online today or call us at 570-451-4616 to ensure that you'll be able to deliver your products even in inclement weather.