Locations Served

When winter weather comes to Pennsylvania, it can bring layers of snow and ice. It's essential to be ready for changing weather conditions to continue operating your business and serve customers safely.

Do you need snow removal services for your business site? Whether it's to clear a storefront, parking lot or loading dock, our services can help ensure that your property is accessible throughout the winter months. Count on S&S Plowing to handle ice and snow management at your facility.

The Benefits of Working With Us

When you contact S&S Plowing to handle your snow removal needs, we'll provide many benefits to ensure that you have an excellent experience. Some of the advantages you'll get from working with us include:

  • Trusted service. We value integrity at S&S Plowing and stand out for our commitment to fair pricing and honest service for every customer.
  • Flexible offerings. Each of our customers has unique needs, so we provide customizable services that fit your requirements. Whether you want on-demand services or to keep us on retainer throughout the winter, we have you covered.
  • Work from trained professionals. Our team consists of experienced operators who know the equipment and industry's ins and outs. When you need snow removal services, you can trust our certified professionals to efficiently and safely handle the job.

Our Northeastern PA Locations

We are a local business that has been serving Pennsylvania communities for the past 25 years. We have a deep understanding of local weather patterns, industry trends and customers' needs.

We provide services to locations around Duryea and up to 60 miles beyond. Some areas we commonly serve include:

  • The Poconos
  • Scranton
  • Wilkes-Barre
  • Covington Township

Our Process

When you need ice and snow management services, our team is ready to take care of every step in the process. We have a partnership with a weather tracking service to constantly monitor for incoming storms. We'll arrive on-site before the storm comes so that snow and ice can't accumulate on your property. Our proactive approach ensures that you can get back to normal operations as soon as possible.

Are there drifts of snow you need to clear away from your business's entrance? We have you covered with industrial plowing equipment to clear a path quickly and effectively. Are you concerned about slippery spots around your storefront or parking lot? We can salt the area for you to help prevent any potential accidents. We can even move cleared snow from in front of your loading dock or parking lot, so you have the space you need for everyday operations.

Trust S&S Plowing for Snow Removal

If you need ice and snow management services in the Duryea, Pennsylvania, region, we can help. Our experienced team members will arrive at your location with professional equipment to handle the job. Whatever services you need, let us know and we can help.

Do you have questions or want to explore our service options? Feel free to reach out to us online.