Commercial Snow Salting

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On winter days, slippery surfaces are a hazard that's important to treat as soon as possible. If you run a commercial center, you want to make sure that the sidewalk, parking lot, loading dock and other high-traffic areas of your property are safe for your team and visitors.

S&S Plowing offers commercial salting services to address your requirements and ensure you have operational safety after a winter storm. With reliable services and expert technicians, we offer solutions you can trust for handling ice and snow on your property.

The Benefits of Proactive Salting

Salting services for your Pennsylvania commercial property can prioritize safety for everyone who needs to access your facility. Getting salt treatments creates safer conditions for pedestrians and drivers, preventing injuries on your property. Visitors will have confidence that they can safely reach your site, and your business won't face liability for avoidable icy and slippery conditions.

When you work with us, our team uses best practices to quickly and thoroughly salt icy areas, and they can even come on-site before the storm hits to prevent ice from building up on the grounds. Our efficient work can save you time and labor costs while giving you peace of mind about your property's accessibility. Our experienced professionals are equipped to manage any salting requirements, and we offer several different salting products to work with your applications.

Our Commercial Salting Service Options for Pennsylvania Businesses

For any location we service, we can provide salting treatments to prevent icy surfaces. We also offer salting products for our customers, including Halite Rock Salt, Calcium Pellet, Calcium Flake and our Snow Glow salt. With Snow Glow, you get a traditional salt alternative that is highly visible and uses a specialized formula to melt on contact.

Promptly treating pavement surfaces is essential to preventing ice buildup because a few layers of snow and ice can become compact and more resistant to removal. At S&S Plowing, we work to provide treatment for your grounds with products to safely and proactively break down the ice. Whether you need to clear driving areas such as entrances and parking lots or you need salting for loading docks and sidewalks, we have services to handle your requirements.

Why Choose Us?

At S&S Plowing, we're committed to providing trusted solutions for your requirements. We offer a wide range of advantages:

Personalized services: We provide customized services to match your requirements, and you have the option to keep us on retainer for consistent salting treatments throughout the colder months.

Experienced technicians: Our team of professionals brings years of industry experience to their work to ensure trusted service for your operations.

Consistent reliability: For every job, we're committed to integrity, fair prices and trustworthy service so you can have confidence that we'll handle your requirements.

Proactive treatment solutions: To stay ahead of winter storms and prevent ice and snow from building up, our team can proactively treat your property grounds and ensure ice can't develop.

Trust S&S Plowing for Dependable Salting Services in Northeastern PA

When you need a company that prioritizes safety, you can rely on S&S Plowing. We've been in the business for over 25 years, and we continue to deliver on our commitment to providing reliable salting and snow removal service for our Pennsylvania clients. For more information on our services, reach out to our team today.