Commercial Snow Services

At S&S Plowing, we strive to provide excellent service you can rely on for any ice and snow management needs. We understand that you need prompt, effective road treatment to ensure that your trucks and customers can get in and out of your business safely. That's why our professionals are available to take care of your ice and snow management requirements.

When you partner with us, we'll provide comprehensive services and maintenance for after-storm cleanup throughout the colder months.

Our Services Keep Your Property Accessible and Safe

Keeping commercial areas clear during the winter is crucial for everyone's safety. We partner with commercial properties to provide a variety of ice and snow management services they might need during winter storms.

Plowing Services for Northeastern PA

We partner with a weather tracking service to monitor storms before they reach your area. When a storm is approaching, we'll arrive ahead of it to prevent snow and ice from building up. Our plows are made for professional snow removal and have innovative carbide-edge blades to help them work more efficiently. Our professionals use tough, well-maintained equipment to handle the job safely and quickly.


Snow Removal

Do you need us to remove cleared snow from your property? If your area experiences a major snowstorm or you have limited space, you may not have room on-site to stack up drifts of cleared snow. Let us handle snow removal, so you don't have to worry about snow piles in a small parking lot or beside a storefront.

We'll haul away the snow for you so you can have clear, safe pavement around your business without the extra snow piling up.


When it comes to salting, it's crucial to treat pavement surfaces promptly. Otherwise, layers of ice and snow may compact on the surface and become harder to remove.

The S&S Plowing team will arrive quickly to salt icy or snowy surfaces on your property. We use a combination of rock salt, calcium and liquid brine. The use of liquid salt brine is less corrosive than salt and withstands temperatures of -5 degrees below zero. There are also environmental benefits to using liquid brine as less salt is used which means less pollution going into drinking water and fresh water resources.

Choose S&S Plowing for Snowstorm Maintenance in Northeastern PA

Call on us when a storm hits and let us clean up your property for you. Whether you need plowing, salting, snow removal or a combination of services, our experienced team can get the job done. Have peace of mind that your property is accessible and safe for truck drivers, employees and clients with our reliable ice and snow management services.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about our services, contact us today.

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