Metal Pless Plows

When a snowstorm hits your area and you need reliable services to clear your storefront, parking lot or loading dock, S&S Plowing has you covered. We can handle the toughest plowing jobs and ensure that your property is safe and accessible after a winter storm.

We use industrial-strength plow equipment — not just small plows on the front of our trucks. With our powerful Metal Pless snowplows, we can take on any snow removal job you need. Just give us a call and let us clear snow and ice from your property. You can feel confident that our experienced team and professional equipment will get your high-traffic areas safe for loaders, drivers and pedestrians.

The Power of Metal Pless Plows

When we arrive on-site with our Metal Pless equipment, we'll do the job right. Since 1976, this Quebec-based company has developed high-performance, durable equipment for the snow and ice management industry. We work with Metal Pless products because they offer optimal power and efficiency, helping us provide outstanding snow removal service for our customers.

Our Metal Pless plows help us deliver safe, efficient and cost-effective snow removal services every time. These plows offer a variety of benefits to ensure you get top-quality service, including:

  • Strategic design: Metal Pless plows have unique shapes that let them push more snow farther than traditional plows.
  • Cost-effective operation: The Metal Pless plow product line reduces the required driving force while handling more work, saving on labor and equipment costs.
  • Efficient operation: The plows' carbide-edge blades do a clean sweep of the property while saving salt, ensuring more efficient material and equipment use.
  • Lighter weight: Metal Pless's patented subframe is strong but lightweight for energy-saving operation.
  • Longer lasting: The blades on Metal Pless plows are longer and more durable than traditional plows, which means they'll keep doing excellent work use after use.
  • Versatile products: With sizes and models to fit various job needs and vehicles, you can adapt Metal Pless plows to any snow removal job.

How Metal Pless Plows Can Benefit You

Our expert team uses our well-maintained, powerful plows to work on your property safely and quickly. Metal Pless plows have several adaptable features to protect your property while efficiently clearing snow and ice. Instead of a traditional fixed blade, these plows have multiple jointed sections that operate independently. This unique LiveEdge design allows the equipment to be highly responsive to the specific conditions of a job.

With versatile capabilities, our Metal Pless plow equipment can carefully maneuver through your property and ensure safety. Our fully insured workers will pay attention to your service needs as they operate our equipment on-site.

Choose S&S Plowing for Outstanding Snow Removal Service

At S&S Plowing, we're committed to providing trusted service to all our customers. Whenever you need snow removal, count on us for prompt, professional ice and snow management. To request assistance or learn more about what we offer, contact us today.