Church Snow Plowing

Church Snow Plowing Near Duryea, Pennsylvania

Winter on the East Coast presents challenges for churches, synagogues, mosques and other religious institutions with high levels of foot traffic, especially during the holiday season. At S&S Plowing Inc., we'll help you manage snow and ice removal to ensure your religious institution remains open for worship throughout the colder months.

Whether you require a one-time snow removal service or would like to set up a fixed monthly plan, we can help. We're recognized by the Snow and Ice Management Association for providing excellent service, and our thoroughly trained technicians specialize in snow and ice management for churches.

S&S Plowing Inc. offers several service packages and can customize offerings to fit your circumstances and budget. Learn more about our snow and ice removal services below.

Our Church Snow Removal Services in Northeastern Pennsylvania

We do everything from snow plowing and removal to salting and deicing. Our team provides the following snow and ice management services for churches, mosques, synagogues, chapels and other religious institutions in northeastern Pennsylvania:

  • Snow plowing: Stay ahead of the storm with our preventive snow plowing services. We monitor winter storms using a proven weather tracking service and arrive early to prevent snow and ice buildup on your premises.
  • Snow removal: Snow piles take up critical space in your lots. Once we've plowed your premises and cleared your lots of ice and snow, we'll remove the snow entirely to clear up valuable parking space.
  • Salting and deicing: Icy surfaces present slip-and-fall hazards to clergy and church members. Our technicians combine rock salt, calcium and liquid brine to salt and deice walkways and parking lots responsibly and minimize asphalt corrosion.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Church Snow Plowing and Removal

If you're uncertain about whether you should handle your religious facility's snow and ice removal on your own, consider these benefits of outsourcing below:

  • Efficiency: A professional snow removal company has the equipment, tools and expertise necessary to quickly and efficiently remove snow and ice from your premises.
  • Safety: Routine, preventive snow and ice removal ensures your property is safe for visitors before, during and after winter storms, mitigating your institution's risk of costly slip-and-fall claims and preventable accidents.
  • Accessibility: It's paramount that places of worship clear snow and ice from their premises to ensure their parking lots, walkways and high-traffic areas are accessible for everyone at all times.
  • Preparedness: Hiring professionals who partner with a weather tracking service ensures your sanctuary remains open for worship during inclement weather.
  • Convenience: Snow removal is a time-consuming and often dangerous task that requires heavy-duty equipment, making hiring professionals a convenient and cost-effective investment.

Turn to S&S Plowing Inc. for Church Snow Removal Services

S&S Plowing Inc. is a leader in commercial and industrial snow and ice management services. For over 25 years, we've helped churches and religious institutions in northeastern Pennsylvania make their properties safe and accessible to welcome and accommodate everyone. We proudly serve Duryea, Pennsylvania and surrounding communities such as Poconos, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre and Covington Township.

We'll travel up to 60 miles from Duryea to ensure your church or house of worship's premises are clean, safe and accessible all winter long. Contact us online today with any questions about our church deicing and snow removal services or call 570-451-4616 to request a customized quote.