Grocery Store Snow Plowing

Grocery Store Snow Plowing Services in Pennsylvania

Grocers along the Eastern Seaboard rely on efficient snow and ice management services to keep their loading docks and parking lots safe and accessible during winter.

When you need fast, reliable snow plowing, snow removal, salting or deicing services in northeastern Pennsylvania, partner with our Snow and Ice Management Association-recognized team of professionals at S&S Plowing Inc. We'll proactively handle snow and ice removal so you can focus on providing crucial resources to your community during winter storms.

Learn more about our snow and ice removal services for grocery stores, supermarkets, convenience stores and more below. 

Our Grocery Store Snow Removal Services

We offer the following services for grocery store properties:

  • Snow plowing: We prepare businesses for winter storms by partnering with a state-of-the-art weather tracking service. We'll arrive before the storm with our Metal Pless snow plows, which feature carbide-edge blades that push more snow further for a faster and more efficient plowing process.
  • Snow removal: We don't just plow snow — we remove it to free up limited space in your parking lot. We'll quickly haul the piles away so your parking lot stays free of snow buildup that collects dirt and debris. Our service keeps your parking lot clean, safe and accessible for your visitors during and immediately after the storm.
  • Salting and deicing: We combine rock salt, calcium and liquid brine to provide salting and deicing services for icy walkways, sidewalks and parking lots. Liquid brine is less corrosive than salt, so this deicing method helps preserve your commercial lots while reducing salt pollution in local drinking and freshwater resources.

Why Choose S&S Plowing Inc. for Snow Removal Services?

At S&S Plowing Inc., we're proud to be a Veteran-owned company that prides itself on reliability and integrity. We've served local businesses with dependable snow plowing and removal services for over 25 years, and we want to become your go-to ice and snow management partners. We'll take care of your ice and snow removal needs so you can focus on serving your customers and running your business.

Plus, we'll head out to your property well before snow or ice can build up and halt operations thanks to our established partnership with a fail-safe weather tracking service. We relentlessly monitor and track winter storms to prepare and protect businesses like yours from having to shut their doors unnecessarily. Once the storm has passed, we'll still be there to ensure your premises are clean, safe and accessible.

Call S&S Plowing Inc. for Plowing Parking Lots in Pennsylvania

Call S&S Plowing Inc. for grocery store deicing and snow removal services in the Duryea, Pennsylvania, area. We serve grocery stores and similar establishments in Poconos, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Covington Township and beyond. We'll travel up to 60 miles from Duryea to ensure your property is accessible for customers, employees and delivery truck drivers, helping your operations run smoothly no matter the weather.

Contact us today to learn more about our parking lot plowing services near you or request a free quote by calling 570-451-4616.