Commercial Snow Removal Equipment You Need

For many businesses, education facilities and other organizations, snow can bring about many new challenges. Preparing your facility for winter includes having a snow removal plan to keep employees and visitors safe.

Commercial snow removal equipment can help your facilities team or contractors quickly and safely remove snow from your premises. This equipment may look different from what you use at home as it is designed to handle significant amounts of snow.

Common Industrial Snow Removal Equipment

Keeping your premises free of snow is an ongoing battle. While household snow removal equipment is perfect for clearing off small to medium areas such as your driveway and sidewalk, they cannot keep up with the demands of extensive facilities. This is why you need commercial snow removal equipment. Common professional snow removal equipment includes snow plows, wheel loaders and salt spreaders.

Snow Plows

A snow plow is one of the most important pieces of heavy snow removal equipment. They are versatile and reliable, making them one of the most common types of snow removal equipment and one of the first machines people think of when it comes to commercial snow removal. Snow plows are typically attached to vehicles to get rid of snow on parking lots, roads and other large areas. A snow plow can be used anywhere large and robust enough to hold the combined weight of the plow and the vehicle.

Various snow plow machines come with different types of blades to move snow. Straight blades are generally cheaper and are designed to push snow in one direction. V-blade snow plows are more expensive but are more efficient at breaking through drifts and deep snow. You can also add a scoop option to v-blades that will push snow up and over snow banks to make it easier for your truck. Backhoe snow plows have a second attachment behind your vehicle to gather any snow that may have been missed.

Two popular commercial snow plows are the SNO-WAY and Metal Pless plows. These plows are powerful and versatile snow-removal machines used by municipalities, organizations and snow-removal companies. SNO-WAY plows are durable and made with sturdy materials allowing them to handle heavy snow removal jobs effectively.

The innovative Down Pressure® Hydraulics System gives SNO-WAY plows the power to clear more snow faster. These versatile plows can fit nearly any truck model, and the available attachments make them ideal for any snow removal job.

Metal Pless plows offer optimal power and efficiency. Their patented subframes are lightweight, resulting in energy-saving operations. The plow blades are longer and more durable than regular plows, allowing for efficient snow removal. The range of sizes and models means you can adapt Metal Pless plows to any snow-clearing operation.

Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders are powerful, versatile machines that can easily clear accumulated snow and ice from roadways, sidewalks and parking lots. They can be fitted with specialized attachments designed to remove different snow and ice types. There are various loader types, including the following:

  • Skid-steer loaders: These compact, open cab vehicles are ideal for small areas and tight spaces.
  • All-wheel loaders: All-wheel loaders are similar to skid-steer loaders but can push more snow and are easier to operate. They also do less damage to the ground.
  • Backhoe loaders: These machines can handle a range of snow types, from fluffy, fresh snow to heavy and wet snow that has been on the ground for a while. They can also compact snow.
  • Standard wheel loaders: They have closed cabs and are powerful enough to handle several feet of snow. They are less agile but can be used for heavy snowfall and even while snow is falling.
  • Mini-track loaders: Small and compact, mini-track loaders are ideal for sidewalks and narrow paths with considerable snowfall. They can compact, lift and move snow. Mini-track loaders require you to walk behind them and guide them as you work rather than drive them.

Salt Spreader

Salt spreaders are essential preventive snow removal equipment. They spray salt and deicer across a designated area to break up ice and slow snow accumulation during a storm. This makes snow removal easier and more efficient in the long run. After snowfall and snow removal, salt spreaders make slippery pathways safer for vehicles and pedestrians by providing additional traction.

Snow Removal Equipment Attachments

Most commercial snow removal machines are designed to be used with snow removal attachments. Attachments can make most snow removal equipment more versatile and effective, allowing you to clear snow from nearly any environment. Some of the best attachments for professional snow removal equipment include the following:

  • Buckets: They make scooping and clearing large volumes of snow significantly easier. With no hydraulic or electric parts, buckets are easy to maintain than other attachments.
  • Pushers: Similar to snow plow blades, they push snow only in a straight line. Pushers are available in varying widths to accommodate any space. The wider the pusher, the harder it is to maneuver.
  • Blades: The V-shaped blades on snow plows push and clear snow. They use hydraulics and can remove considerable amounts of snow and pile it into one place. The height and type of the blade can be adjusted according to the terrain or amount of snow.

Other Snow Removal Equipment

Heavy snow removal equipment is only part of what you need for commercial snow removal. Other equipment is still required for effective snow removal, including snow blowers and shovels.

Snow blowers blow snow as they move, allowing users to make piles of snow at the end of the driveway or walkway. Depending on the model, snow blowers can move snow up to 50 feet. They are ideal for situations where snow plows and loaders are too large to be used.

Snow shovels can clear any missed snow. Various snow shovel types and designs ensure workers can clear snow without bending over.

Each piece of equipment is essential for snow removal, from large industrial machines to snowblowers and shovels.

Commercial Snow Removal Services From S&S Plowing

Commercial snow removal equipment makes clearing significant and deep snowfall from extensive facilities. At S&S Plowing, we invest in leading professional snow removal machinery that ensures we can quickly and effectively clear snow from your premises. Our team has over 25 years of experience removing snow and keeping facilities safe during winter.

We are a member of WeatherWorks Certified Snowfall Totals, which provides us with timely and accurate weather reporting by ZIP code, ensuring we are prepared for any situation. Contact us today for more information on our commercial snow removal service!